Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Travel Journal Entry 003 - Transitioning from a California City to Mother Nature's Hawaii

One of my favorite qualities about living in California is accessibility. Especially living in Berkeley where in less than 30 minutes I can be in a redwood forest, at the beach, or in a big city. In a couple of hours I can be in Napa for wine tasting or Santa Cruz for surf vibes. California shares a border with Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, and Mexico. Plus, we have not one but two major metropolitan cities: San Francisco and Los Angeles. When I tire of one, I road trip to the other. I'm spoiled for choice and I relish in that connectivity.

This is coming to the surface now especially, because the thought of flying 2,467 miles to a relatively small island chain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean is giving me mild anxiety. Excitement yes, but anxiety too. 2,467 miles from California, 4,606 miles to New Zealand and 4,108 miles to Japan. On a globe, Hawaii looks to be surrounded by never ending blue.

Not to mention, Hawaii embodies everything that is Mother Nature. Surrounded on all sides by powerful seas, spewing molten lava from her highest points, and made up of dense jungle and jagged terrain. Where do I go to escape? Where do weather the storm? Will I really be as bare and exposed as I'm anticipating? Probably.

I keep having this day dream of the Kilauea erupting with a massive stream of lava that rushes down her sides, igniting the jungle as she flows and pushing everything including me closer and closer to the turbulent sea. The tale of it sounds like poetry but in reality it would be utter torture... burning and drowning at the same time.

I've always been somewhat uneasy in rural or remote areas. I feel like I'm going to be the last to know about aliens making contact or an asteroid heading for earth. Also I think my skills are more geared toward surviving in cities. With my smartphone as my guide, I can navigate, use public transit, book a hotel, find fellow travelers, find food, and just know where to get almost anything I may need. In Hawaii, I may not even have cell service!

Honestly, most of this is just my doomsday imagination playing on my fear of the unknown. A fear I didn't even know I had considering usually I greet spontaneous new adventures with the utmost excitement. Yet this time it's different... I'm not just switching up cities with interchangeable concrete and steel, silicone and microchip connections. I'm surrendering myself to the land, the sea, and the various forces of nature at work on the Hawaiian Island. I think I have a healthy fear and a necessary respect for what I'm about to experience.

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